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Water Lily for Small Pond

Here’s a video of a lovely pink and white water lily suitable for a small pond. The centre is golden and the leaves or lily pads are quite large but don’t tend to overcrowd the small pond with a little … Continue reading

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The Small Pond in Dry Weather

Yesterday I topped up my small pond with a hosepipe, something I prefer not to do if I can avoid it. In warm dry weather the rate of evaporation from the surface of the pond and especially from the leaves … Continue reading

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Frog in Small Pond

Frog Originally uploaded by AndyRob The smallest of ponds can support amphibians. I have one pond which is just a plant tub sunk into the soil, about 5 gallons maximum intended to act as the centrepiece of a bog garden … Continue reading

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Not Suitable for Small Pond?

Can anybody identify this floating plant with lovely white flowers? I discovered masses of it forming matted rafts in the Shoulder of Mutton lake at Wanstead Park. The way it’s spreading suggests this invasive floating plant could be troublesome and … Continue reading

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Large Lily Root Small Pond Problem

Hi all I have had a lily root or tuber, whatever its correct name which I originally bought in a fish pond supplies section of the local mega-garden centre. It’s in a basket in my small pond, but the fiish … Continue reading

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