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How to look after your garden in winter

Lawns Just because your perennials have gone into hibernation to protect themselves from the cold snap of  winter, that doesn’t mean that your lawn should be left to fend for itself too. Here are a couple of hints and tips … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Improve Your Small Garden Pond

This is the time of year for gardening advice, and as such, there are tips on spring flowers and planting available everywhere from local gardening magazines to the Martha Stewart columns. However, despite this breadth of advice and suggestion, the … Continue reading

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Fish Pond Supplies Shops in Yorkshire

A Day Trip to Bradshaws Pond Supplies, York  There are already 101 reasons to visit the ancient city of York, York Minster, the National Railway Museum and the Shambles being just a few. But if you’re anything like me … Continue reading

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Small Garden Ponds with edible plants

By stocking your small garden pond with carefully selected plants including edible herbs, you can create a habitat that fulfils several functions at once. Garden Pond functions: The small pond is a habitat for local frogs and insects, it helps … Continue reading

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Growing Herbs in a Small Pond

Everybody knows that even small ponds require water plants, in the form of oxygenators and marginals, floating plants and filtering aquatics, but how many actually grow useful plants as one as decorative and functional ones in the garden pond? I … Continue reading

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