Large Lily Root Small Pond Problem

Hi all

I have had a lily root or tuber, whatever its correct name which I originally bought in a fish pond supplies section of the local mega-garden centre. It’s in a basket in my small pond, but the fiish have disturbed it badly, so I have pulled it out.

The problem is that the lily tuber is too long for the small basket in my garden pond.

It is also showing signs of shooting, so worth hangimg on to I would have thought.

The question is, can I just cut it in half and put half in each of 2 baskets say in
aquatic on even multi purpose compost with a stone to hold it in place

Its so many years since I first put it in I can’t remember what I did

water lily root or tuber too big for a small pond

too big for a small pond?


Yeah, chop in half and replant any bits that have shoots. Dont use MP compost, a heavy soil is best, or buy some proper aquatic compost form the fish pond supplies shop or garden centre.

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