Choosing The Situation

I took the decision to site my raised bed herb garden just as seriously as I would siting a fish pond. The amount of direct sunlight needed to be maximised, but I also wanted relatively easy access from the house, and for the bed to be in a prime position where it will get plenty of attention and appreciation.  No doubt WoodblocX can be used brilliantly to turn awkward corners and slopes into productive assets but I decided in the end that this first major project in the new garden, well after replacing the storm damaged fencing, deserved to take a pride of place location.

Woodblocx Raised bed herb planter

So there it is now, to the right of the pathway, away from the shade of the apple tree, in a place where we already like to sit and enjoy the late morning and mid afternoon sunshine, a little sheltered from prevailing winds and far enough out to avoid constricting a future garden room extension project that has yet to be even planned.

Woodblocx Raised bed herb planter

The WoodblocX are moved into position, but still only loosely assembled. I’ll take another couple of days to make absolutely certain I’m sure about this, and then set about preparing the ground for the final assembly. I have the spirit level now, but the ground is not too far off of level in any case. I don’t think I’ll be needing a bag of sharp sand to set the bottom layer into I’ll just remove some turf all round and then try to level the soil as best I can, using the spirit level and a string line with two pins. What could possibly go wrong?

Woodblocx in position

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2 Responses to Choosing The Situation

  1. Good location. Quite an attractive looking raised bed too, don’t you think? (Compared to the green plastic ones we had at the allotment.)

  2. small pond keeper says:

    Thanks. The wooden sides and covers should look even nicer when it’s actually built in properly too, and in time will fade to an attractive grey colour. If I wanted too, I could also choose which sides and which blocks i want to be more or less visible, and in which order, but then it would be ART…

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