Before Assembling the Woodblocx

Part three of my mini series about building a woodblocx planter shows the blocks as they arrived on the pallet and the shape the planter will eventually take by putting it together loosely on the deck.

And here is an animation video from Woodblocx themselves which happens to be the same design, showing how the parts are assembled to make the three row high herb planter.

The pleasant problem occupying my thoughts right now is that of deciding exactly where in the garden I want to build my planter. If it is to be used mainly for herbs, then it should be close to the kitchen back door, and in a sunny position. On the other hand, the woodblocx are a great tool for tidying up an awkward corner. The depth of soil and isolation could also make the planter ideal for growing some special kind of vegetable that needs a bit of extra care and attention. I shall think about it all for a few days, no need to rush into a decision at this stage.




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