Unpacking the Woodblocx

This is Part Two in my mini series about a new garden project. In part one I wrote

To make the first raised bed, I’m hoping to experiment with a block building system, a bit like lego for grown up gardeners, called Woodblocx.

Read more: http://smallpond.org.uk#ixzz2riG2MA5j

I’m pleased to say that the Woodblocx  kit has arrived already, enough to make a small rectangular raised bed herb garden and here is the unpacking video:



My initial concern that the plastic packaging had been compromised faded as soon as I checked the contents against the instructions and found that extras had been included anyway. There were four packets of 25 plastic dowels and the project requires about eighty four so there’s plenty of room to make a few mistakes, hopefully not!

The next stage is to look carefully at the potential placement and plan the ground preparation. Reading the instructions carefully, it would seem that my initial idea of partial construction before putting into place is a non starter due to the way the ground spikes have to go in with the bottom layer before any rigidity can take shape. So I may be off out to buy a spirit level tomorrow, a tool which for some reason I have not got.

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