5 Tips To Improve Your Small Garden Pond

This is the time of year for gardening advice, and as such, there are tips on spring flowers and planting available everywhere from local gardening magazines to the Martha Stewart columns. However, despite this breadth of advice and suggestion, the nature of spring gardening advice is actually pretty limited. Most of it is focused on planting methods, the best spring seeds, and how to prepare your patch for the planting season. But what about the finer details of making your garden look nice this summer?

A small garden pond is a perfect example. Generally, one might think of a decorative garden pond as a relatively low maintenance item, and for the most part this is true. Of course, occasional cleaning is needed, but you don’t exactly need to worry about planting a new pond each spring. But, if you’re looking for the minor improvements you can make for the simple sake of atmosphere, here are 5 fun ones to consider.

1. Bring In The Lilies

Lilies and lily pads are just about synonymous with the image of any nice garden pond, so if you don’t already have these “installed,” so to speak, it might be time. In fact, this can even give you the feeling of planting something with regard to your small garden pond. A few lilies and lily pads simply make a garden more pleasant in the simplest of ways, and make your pond look cared for, but not at all artificial.

white lily

Beautiful white water lily flower

2. Welcome The Birds

Usually when people consider the animals associated with garden ponds, the mind goes first to goldfish and the occasional frog or toad. There may also be a dragonfly buzzing around now and again. But you can bring in some additional wildlife by situating a bird feeder in close proximity to your pond. This adds one more natural touch.

3. Consider Some Overhang

This one’s not too tricky, but it can be a bit of a project. You may want to check out My Smart Buy for some new hedge trimmers, or grab some garden shears at the nearest outdoors shop. Once you have your tools, try shaping the trees and shrubs surrounding your pond to style some atmospheric overhang. You may need to plant something new, but a leafy roof to a garden pond can be very pleasant. Be careful not to create too much shade or plant anything that will drop leaves and pollute the water though.

4. Use Garden Furniture

A simple garden bench or small outdoor table by the pond may make things look a bit more artificial, but it also gives you convenient places to relax while you enjoy your garden pond. The more often you are tempted to sit out next to the pond, the more interesting wildlife moments you will observe.

5. Work On The Borders

Finally, try to make the borders of your small garden pond more appealing. Whether this means a stone walkway surrounding the pond, a few hedges or bushes on the borders, etc., you have plenty of options. This frames your pond and makes it more of an attraction in your garden.

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