Underwater Pond Photography

I’ve always wondered what it would take to get some good underwater pond photography pictures, and so we’ll b looking at that subject in some detail over the winter here on the Small Pond blog. To whet your appetite, here’s a youTube example of what the underneath of a small pond in a garden with a few goldfish might look like:

You’ll notice that the goldfish didn’t seem to like it much when the underwater camera was lowered into the fish pond. They went and hid under a stone. So the kind of technique we’ll need to look into more will entail leaving a camera on the bottom of the pond for some time, so that the fish and other pond creatures get used to it. That means the camera needs to have a long life power supply, and probably a remote controlled way of turning it on and off when submersed in the pond water.

If you have any experience with pond cams or underwater photography in general please can you help us out a little here in the comments?

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